Semper Exploro....

Semper exploro (“I am always exploring”) is the motto of this personal blog. It is also a line which can be found on a Earth Starfleet Command Emblem from the series Star Trek Enterprise. Which, i love to watch!

In the day time i’m doing professional exploration for The National Archives of the Netherlands. Working for an institution like this makes you aware, that sometimes you want to register and share some piece of information with others or with yourself (for that matter) in a later point of time.

Writing blog articles is certainly not my strongest virtue, so please consider everything i post on this site as just a bunch of foolish rubbish! This blog is mainly to have just the oppurtunity to throw some crazy (sysadmin/programming/techie/personal) thoughts on the internet.

But most of all, i just wanted to play with Hugo “The world’s fastest framework for building websites”. So creating my own blog is a great use case for that.

For that, i hope this is not my first and latest post :)